The Wild World of Queensland

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Queensland is one of the most exciting parts of Australia. Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Queensland in search of fun and excitement. The region is the theme park capital of Australia. There are five theme parks in Queensland alone with many smaller attractions along those lines; however, that’s not the main reason you should visit Queensland. You visit Queensland for the nature. It is one of the most diverse and exciting natural areas in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef

Cairns, Australia is typically called the “the gateway to the great Barrier Reef” because the reef is off the coast of Queensland. If you want to visit the largest living ecosystem in the entire world, the Great Barrier Reef is where you need to be. The reef is 344,000 square kilometres; if you’re looking to visit this site, you need to hire a campervan and head there now. The reef is under assault from many different forces, both natural and manmade. Over time, the reef has lost as much as half of its area; if you want to see it at its fullest, you need to go sooner rather than later. A Brisbane campervan hire can get you to the reef in a matter of hours.

That’s not the only thing you can see if you drive your campervan to Queensland.


Parts of Queensland are classified as rainforests due to its ecological diversity; there are flora and fauna in Queensland that are not found anywhere else. One of the biggest tourist attractions is the koala sanctuary. Koala bears are creatures beloved by children and adults the world over. If you want to see koalas in their natural habitats protected from danger, you need to get in a campervan and drive to Queensland. Also, there are going to be some other animals you will want to see along the way.

Since Queensland has rainforests, it has creatures that cannot be found elsewhere. These creatures often need protection from humans and other animals because they are endangered. They’re protected in wildlife sanctuaries throughout the state. These sanctuaries keep the animals safe while allowing you to observe them in their lives.

In addition to koalas, there are multiple zoos throughout the region. These zoos are great places to see Australian animals you might not get to see in the wild. Also, you can see animals from around the world. The environment of eastern Australia along with the technology employed at such zoos allows you to see animals from all over the world; even if they would not normally be in the Australian environment, the zoo will create their usual habitat to live in.

All you need to do is load up your friends and family in a campervan and head for Queensland. Great adventures await!

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