New Mercedes-Benz trucks launched at Dhahran Expo

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Dhahran Expo witnessed the patronage of Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz, Eastern Province governor, a great event that took three days. Juffali Commercial Vehicles availed this chance and organized its Commercial Vehicles Exhibition. On top of that, it witnessed the handing over ceremony of the new Mercedes-Benz trucks. During the exhibition, a number of pavilions and events that give the attendees a full picture of the production of trucks and state-of-the-art safety systems that Mercedes-Benz trucks enjoy which gained the trust of customers globally for many years were given.

The vice chairman of E.A. Juffali& Brothers, Khaled Al-Juffali, and on behalf of every worker at Juffali Commercial Vehicles Company, appreciated Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz for patronizing the exhibition which is one of the biggest exhibition held by Mercedes-Benz globally. He also said that the eastern region of the kingdom was selected after a careful study that confirmed a lot of people showing interest in this industry are very much in this part of the kingdom.

The CEO of Juffali Commercial Vehicles and NAI Factory, Heiko Schulze, pointed out that the exhibition ushered in two new models of Mercedes-Benz trucks which are Actros and Acrocs (, the interesting part is that this only happens once in 15 years. The newly launched vehicles are made with the best safety techniques and features that make driving the vehicle a lot easier and as well efficient more than before for drivers and other users of the vehicles. While the exhibition was going on, they gave the keys to the new trucks been sold for the first time in MENA region to Al-Khaledi Holding Company.

The marketing manager of Al Juffali Commercial Vehicles, EmadDafterdar, pointed out that exhibitions are part of the strategies of the company to introduce modern technologies applied to Mercedes-Benz trucks and have them displayed in a way that the general public can easily see them and also give them the opportunity to see how these trucks are different, know the secret of how they have been on top of the ladder for many years.

The E.A. Juffali& Brothers is the first company to establish a bus and truck assembly factory aside the manufacturing of vehicles and small trucks. Many thanks to the effort its team and the generous help of Mercedes-Benz (partner), it had a breakthrough in building the National Automobile Industry Factory (NAI), which is deemed one of the leading factories globally.

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